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David Archuleta Talks About His Dad and the Future

David Archuleta Talks About His Dad and the Future
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The "American Idol" runner-up weighs in on his dad, the competition and what lies ahead.

DAVID ARCHULETA may only be 17 years old, but he already has a wisdom beyond his years. So the fact that he finished second in the "American Idol" competition hasn't gotten him down. In fact, he only has good things to say about his rival, DAVID COOK.

"I am feeling great about it. Cook won. I think he deserved it so much," David says. "He is such a great guy, too. My main priority was not to win, but to do my best. You can suck and people can vote enough for you to win. That wouldn't feel good. We both gave it our all. We both poured it on that stage. We feel good about it. Not winning the competition won't limit me trying to create an album. 'American Idol' [has given me] great opportunities that weren't available before. To make it to No. 2, there is no reason to be disappointed in that."

Now that the competition is over, David finally had the opportunity to address all the rumors indicating that his father JEFF is a stage dad.

"I hadn't really heard much of it until later on," he shares. "I tried to stay away from the press and my dad [did] also. He understood that I didn't like to hear anything on the news -- good or bad -- to distract me or let it go to my head or anything like that. I just wanted to stay myself and how I was at the beginning of the competition before all this happened. I wanted to keep who I was: the normal teenage David.

"Then in interviews stuff started coming up," he continues. "There were really weird things like he refused to give me water. That is the weirdest thing. I mean, I am 17, I am pretty sure if I wanted water, I would go get it. Another thing was he made me cry at one of the recording studios. Weird things like that. I am old enough to have control of myself. The next thing is, he is a great guy. There isn't anything that he has done that is bad like the things that have been spoken about him. My whole family has been my support and allowed me to be who I am today. Nobody understands what I am here for more than they do. They get what I love about music and how it has changed my life."

As the runner-up in the "American Idol" competition, there is little doubt that David will be offered a recording contract in the near future. If that happens, he says he will finish his senior year of high school with home schooling, but if not, he will return for his final year.

As for all the young girls who would love to become David's girlfriend, he doesn't think he is ready for that yet.

"I don't want to deal with all the drama," he says. "I want to focus on music. It is definitely something I will want to focus on later on in life, but I am so young now."

Posted May 23, 2008 2:30:00 PM
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