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'General Hospital''s Dante and Lulu Make Love For the First Time

Things are heating up on "General Hospital" on Wednesday when Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Julie Berman) make love for the first time -- and ET is on the set.

"I think it is a long overdue step. I think it is like a new starting point," Julie says. "It has been something that has been on her mind, but she doesn't want to push it or jinx it, so she hopes he will instigate it."

What fans may not realize is that a lot of preparation goes into what looks like a steamy, spontaneous love scene -- and now ET can show you how it is done.

"We have got to be comfortable with each other," Dominic says. "I think this couldn't be more comfortable for us -- for me, anyway, because of who it is with."

The couple works with director William Ludel to choreograph the scene, planning the kisses, whose head is where, whose hand is where and when and where their clothing will come off.

"We can show bare backs, legs and toes, and we can imply a lot more than we used to be able to imply," the director tells ET. "It used to be it was kiss-kiss and you would tilt to the candle."

"You are thinking about where your head needs to be for lighting and camera, and what needs to be covered. At the same time, you are trying to have fun and go for it," Julie adds.

Of course, the choreography isn't the only preparation for the scene. The actors are notified two to three weeks ahead of time when they are going to have to take off their clothes, so they can prepare.

"I started going on the Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) diet about two and a half weeks ago," Dominic admits. "That is having eggs and oatmeal in the morning, a protein shake mid-morning, having chicken and salad at lunch, and then having a protein shake mid-afternoon and having white fish and asparagus for dinner. No sugar in your coffee or any other time of the day, and no chips and no beer and no real wine."

"I cut back on the wine and the beer and the sweets," says Julie. But in addition to healthier eating, she has one other trick up her sleeve: "Since I am working with someone who is Italian and naturally tanner than I am, I get a nice spray tan so I don't look like Casper the Ghost next to him."

Tune in to "General Hospital" on Wednesday on ABC for Lulu and Dante's big moment.

Posted May 03, 2010 4:16:00 PM
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